Are you a “Grand”? DMU wants to know

Don Galligan, D.O.’84, and Doreen Rioux-Galligan, D.O.’85, never tried to persuade their daughter Madison to pursue a medical career. But when she decided to do so, Don took her to the annual American Osteopathic Association conference and “made sure” they said hello to the DMU admissions staff who were there.

Now a second-year DMU osteopathic medical student, Madison shares her parents’ commitment to medical practice. As a child, she gave check-ups to her stuffed animals. “Growing up, my family was always so focused on helping others – strangers, people at school and church – that I felt it was in my blood,” she says.

The Galligans are among DMU’s “Grand” families – those with multiple DMU graduates. The University is proud of these families and seeks to recognize them.

Don Galligan, D.O.’84, and Doreen Rioux-Galligan, D.O.’85, with their children, Megan, Madison and Matt

“We encourage Grand alumni and students to let us know about their shared connections to DMU,” says Krystal Kruse, M.P.A., assistant director of alumni relations. “We want to collect their names so that we can build a solid program to celebrate multiple generations of DMU graduates.”

Don Galligan, an anesthesiologist in Anaheim, CA, and Doreen, a primary care provider who practices as Dr. Rioux in Yorba Linda, met at DMU. He grew up in Cedar Falls, IA, but for Doreen, enrolling at the University meant her first trip to the state.

“I didn’t know where Des Moines or Iowa was,” says the New Jersey native. “I thought I would have to take a train to get there.”

Madison has received both inspiration and insights on the realities of medical practice from her parents. “I know it’s a lifestyle, not just a job,” she says.

Are you and members of your family “Grand” DMU graduates? Let us know! Contact the Development and Alumni Relations team at 515-271-1463 or

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