Full lockdown PT in Wisconsin

This story was submitted by Jessica Seyler, D.P.T.’09

I currently work at Rennes Health and Rehab Center in De Pere, WI as a PT(which includes short term rehab, LTC, OP, ALF and CBRF). We are currently in full lockdown, no visitors or guests only employees to enter the buildings. We take our temp every time we enter the building, we wear masks and goggles all day long. I am currently assisting in all other areas (meals, activities, laundry, etc.) and may only treat one patient a day. I am happy to continue to be able to work but have had a lot of anxiety with potentially bringing this awful virus into the building. My husband is currently working at home and schooling our two children. We are doing well but life sure is different from just a month ago.

I hope everyone is doing well, staying safe and healthy.

Looking forward to getting back to some sort of normal soon!

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