Col. Arthur Wittich, D.O.’71

When the Army asked retirees to return to active duty to help with the coronavirus response effort, Colonel Arthur Wittich, D.O.’71, 81, answered the call.

Col. Wittich spent 44 years in the Army. He’s been deployed to Central America, Africa and the Middle East, including a 2008 deployment to Iraq when he was about 70. He’s jumped out of airplanes, served as a flight surgeon, gone into war zones and carried weapons. And he has been involved with delivering 7,000 or 8,000 babies. At age 77, Col. Wittich decided to retire from the Army after 44 years of service.

Leaving the Army wasn’t the end of his medical career, though. In the four years since, he’s gone on medical missions to Peru, Honduras and the Philippines twice.

Read more about Col. Wittich in Newsweek.

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