Rebecca Bliss, D.P.T.’14

Rebecca Bliss, D.P.T.’14, is an assistant professor in the doctorate of physical therapy program at Wingate University, predominately teaching content in neurological rehabilitation, and serves as the co-director of the neurological residency program. Her research interests include dysfunction of the vestibular ocular reflex following mild traumatic brain injury as well as early detection of impairments that lead to post-concussion syndrome. She also has been actively practicing in physical therapy for 18 years, specializing in adult neurological rehabilitation and treatment of individuals with concussion.

Dr. Bliss holds Neurologic Specialist certification, certification in Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT) of the Adult Hemiplegic, and certificates of Vestibular Rehabilitation and Advanced Practice in Vestibular Rehabilitation and Comprehensive Concussion Management. She is also an Impact Trained Physical Therapist certificate holder.

She and a colleague recently gave a presentation on visual and vestibular dysfunctions after concussion at the Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association’s 2019 conference

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