“A special kind of crazy”

Carl Carl Schultz, D.O.’80, FACEP, has devoted his DMU education to doing great things. He practiced emergency medicine for 27 years in Cedar Rapids, Dubuque and Davenport, IA, and then in Fort Myers, FL. He worked for 10 years as a ship’s physician for Carnival Cruise Lines. He also dabbled in volunteer medicine for a few years, became a licensed yacht captain and got involved in a local yacht club. In 2016, he began covering an internal medicine clinic in Fort Myers on the weekends; that same year, he became commodore of the St. Charles Yacht Club. Schultz continues to be involved with the admissions department at the U.S. Naval Academy, from which his son graduated.

“This is not the way to enjoy a leisurely retirement,” he says. “Surfing down the Saylorville Reservoir Dam was much easier.”

Class of 1980 Fun Times

Ummm – surfing down the Saylorville Reservoir Dam? Actually, it was the nearby Big Creek Spillway, but he has photos to prove that members of his class did, indeed, surf barefooted all the way down it. Repeatedly.

Schultz agrees that as study breaks go, spillway surfing definitely falls into the “unconventional” category.

“We were a special kind of crazy back in the late ‘70s,” he notes.

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