Mentor students through volunteer initiatives

Back To School Physicals 2015Volunteer experiences – especially involving community medicine – help Des Moines University students make connections between coursework and their future practices.

Students tell us that, amidst the stress of test after test, they can begin to lose sight of the goals that inspired them to pursue a career in healthcare. But meeting elderly attendees at our Senior Health Fair or helping kids as they perform back-to-school physicals in high-need areas can re-ignite their passion for medicine.

These activities also expose our students to different cultures, encouraging them to engage the cultural competencies that will make them compassionate care providers for a diverse population. Other events, like treating runners at the finish line of the Des Moines Marathon, help DMU stay top-of-mind for the public, enhancing our image in the community.

As alumni, community medicine provides opportunities for YOU to stay connected and engage in experiences alongside students. If you have an interest in volunteering with DMU, contact Brianne Sanchez, Community Relations Manager.

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