DMU goes sky-high, literally

Des Moines was featured in Sky magazineIf you flew via Delta Air Lines this fall and happened to peruse its Sky magazine, you would have encountered coverage of Des Moines, which highlighted DMU and affirmed that the city’s “vibrant business environment is matched by its growing cultural cachet.”

“As recently as 20 years ago, it’s fair to say that Des Moines, Iowa, was part of that vast green blur known as ‘flyover land’ to coastal big-city dwellers,” stated the article. “These days, though, you can’t swing a cornstalk in Des Moines without hitting a national accolade. For its business climate. For its arts scene and farmers market and chefs. For its affordability. For, really, just its sheer coolness.”

That coolness is due in part to the city’s “education foundation,” including DMU, which was praised for its “worldly point of view” and mission of improving lives in the global community. “Among all the medical schools in the nation, DMU has one of the most active global health programs, and it is the second-oldest school of osteopathic medicine in the country,” the article said.

The Sky coverage featured profiles of Des Moines leaders, among them Angela Walker Franklin, Ph.D., DMU president. She noted the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates and the State Capitol Building as “must-sees” in the city, and she advised visitors to “bring your bike or your walking shoes to experience all the many trails around the area.”

Ed Lin, D.O.’93, happened to see the coverage during a work-related flight from Atlanta to Chicago. He is professor of surgery and interim chief of the division of general and gastrointestinal surgery, department of surgery, at Emory University School of Medicine. “I was so thrilled to see a piece about beautiful Des Moines and Des Moines University featured in the Delta Sky magazine,” he says. “It told me that it’s time to visit my med school and bring my family.”

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