Courtney C. Bochmann, D.O.’04


Courtney C. Bochmann, D.O.'04
Courtney C. Bochmann, D.O.’04

Bochmann joined the medical staff at the Nashua Clinic in Nashua, IA, as a family medicine physician. 

“I knew from the time I was in kindergarten that I wanted to go into the medical field,” he said. “Being a doctor was my way to be able to help people the way that I wanted to. I was drawn to Waverly because it is an independent hospital, and here and in Nashua there are strong community ties, and I wanted to be able to create a relationship with the people in the community,” Bochmann said. “It is a good fit, and I feel very fortunate.”

In his free time, Bochmann enjoys running, hunting and spending time with his family. Happy to be in the family practice field and working in a profession that he loves, Bochmann said it is important for those considering the medical field to make sure they are entering into it for the right reasons.

He and his wife, Stephanie, reside in Waverly.

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