Can you stand the “suspense”?

The DMU wellness program staff are always on the look-out for new ways to motivate people to move more. While I joke that our Wellness Center bands, BOSUs, balls, kickboxing bags, dumbbells, gliders and other equipment are alternate forms of torture, I’m truly grateful for my wellness colleagues’ creativity in offering numerous fun ways to exercise. The variety in the wellness work-out classes alone always keeps it interesting!TRX

One of the newest exercise class options they’re offering is TRX, the suspension training system that uses one’s body weight as resistance. Created by U.S. Navy Seals and perfected by Fitness Anywhere, TRX uses adjustable straps with a wall-mounted anchor point and, oh my, it gives you a total body and core workout because it lets you target multiple muscle groups at one time.

TRX offers several other benefits: It improves your flexibility and performance, increases your balance and increases muscle tissue, which means you can burn more fat. It’s also beginner-friendly, because you can modify the moves to fit your ability and make them more challenging as you progress.

Missy Gripp, M.S., DMU’s wellness manager and one of our class instructors, encourages all members of the DMU community to give TRX a try. I promise you’ll feel challenged, stimulated and ultimately stronger.

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