Older, wiser and still looking for a good time

DMU alumni came back to campus in June to reminisce, reconnect and admire their alma mater in its current state.

Members of the Class of 1962 accept their 50-year alumni certificates from DMU President Angela Walker Franklin, Ph.D., left, and Alumni Association Board President Marcia Grassman Hammers, B.H.A.’88, right: Arthur Angove, Herbert Finchman, James Grekin, Carl Otte and Henry Sonenshein.
Michael Flood, D.O.’77, demonstrates a mannequin in DMU’s simulation lab to (from left) Nancy Gabana, D.O.’87, Sue Skopit, Stanley Skopit, D.O.’77, Michael Witte, D.O.’77, Linda Witte, Chuck Weber, D.O.’77, and – far right – Stephen Oswald, D.O.’77.
Seated are Bobbi Finchman, Herbert Finchman, D.O.’62, Sally Hertzbach and Henry Sonenshein, D.O.’62; standing are Arthur Angove, D.O.’62, Carl Otte, D.O.’62, Twyla Otte and James Grekin, D.O.’62.
Robert Orenstein, D.O.’87, Amy Foxx-Orenstein, D.O.’87, Nancy Gabana, D.O.’87, and Phil Wayes
Sherry Brandt, Roland Brandt, D.O.’77, James Barkmeier, D.O.’77, Etana Allard, Raymond Allard, D.O.’92, Amy Foxx-Orenstein, D.O.’87, and Robert Orenstein, D.O.’ 87
Class of 1977 members Roland Brandt, Michael Witte, Margaret Kotz, Laurence Baker and Steve Adelman.
Class of ’62 members Carl Otte and Arthur Angove peruse a yearbook with Twyla Otte.
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