Looking back inspires giving back

While one’s medical school days spark myriad memories of tough classes, long hours of studying and even longer hours in rotations, Watson Gutowski, D.O., best remembers how his class bonded at the Des Moines Still College of Osteopathy and Surgery, now DMU. “We were all in the same predicament,” says the 1958 graduate.

“We all helped each other out and were all very enthusiastic about the school and the osteopathic profession.”

Gutowski applied his enthusiasm and education to his general medical practice in Pennsylvania, retiring in 1997. His career gave him another take-away about DMU. “The school gave me a good education and a good life,” he says. “The least I can do is give a little back.”

Gutowski and his wife, Catherine, have done much more than that. Longtime donors to DMU, they recently made a major gift to establish the Watson and Catherine Gutowski Scholarship at DMU. Their son, Paul Gutowski, and his wife, Kim – both members of the DMU Class of 1990 – also have contributed to the fund.

In addition to wanting to support DMU students, the Gutowskis hope their gift will inspire his classmates and other alumni to reflect on their DMU days and give back, too.

“If you didn’t have the opportunity to go to DMU, what would your life be like now?” he says. “If every one of my classmates gave even a little back to the University, it would have a huge impact.”

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