Alumni spotlight: Traci A. Bush, D.H.S., M.S.P.T.’95

Traci Bush
Traci A. Bush, D.H.S., M.S.P.T.’95

Professional background

I am a licensed occupational therapist (University of Missouri-Columbia) and physical therapist (DMU). I have worked in both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation settings and currently practice as a PRN therapist in the DMU PT Clinic. I joined DMU in 1997 as the manager of the DMU PT Clinic and part-time faculty member in the DMU MSPT Program. I am currently the DPT Program’s Chair/Program Director and an associate professor.

Favorite part of my job

As a faculty member and program director, I have the pleasure of working with dedicated and enthusiastic faculty, staff and students. Even though it is my responsibility to assist these talented individuals in the attainment of their goals, I have the opportunity to learn from them each day.

Best memory of DMU

My first year as a physical therapy student coincided with the flood of 1993, and resulted in dramatic shifts in course schedules and a change of venue for classes.  As new students, we were still in the process of getting to know one another and our faculty, not to mention, adapting to graduate school.  We found ourselves running back and forth between campus and a church in West Des Moines for classes and being a part of community dealing with the stress associated with a natural disaster.  This is my best memory of DMU, because of the manner in which the institution handled the adversity.  The program and faculty dealt with the situation in an extremely efficient and effective manner.  In the end, I believe my peers and I were more connected not only to one another, but also to DMU.

Why I stay involved with DMU

One of the recent ways I stay involved with DMU as an alumna is serving as a volunteer on  the CHS Golf Benefit committee. It originally started as an idea for faculty and students to play a round of golf for fun and has quickly morphed into an opportunity for CHS faculty, students and alumni to come together to raise money for student scholarships. With the assistance of DMU Development and Alumni Relations offices, and the participation of a group of motivated  CHS faculty, students and alumni, this original idea has now become an annual event. Each year we come together as a connected group to share memories, engage in healthy competition, and assist in helping to decrease the debt burden for several CHS students.

Advice to those just starting out in the profession

My advice would be to never let an opportunity pass you by. Whether it be coincidence, chance, fate, or by design, opportunities will come your way as you begin and continue to navigate your career. Always use good judgment and keep your priorities in order when making your decisions. Just keep in mind that when an opportunity presents itself, you have the ability to make “what could have been,” to “what is.”


I am an avid golfer. I have golfed for over 20 years and am still humbled every time I play. The elusive pursuit of perfection will probably keep me playing for another 20 years.

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