Sign up for and submit your creative works to Abaton

AbatonDes Moines University’s award-winning medical humanities and arts journal, Abaton, is accepting essays, poetry, art and photography submissions for consideration for its fifth annual edition.

DMU is also changing its distribution of Abaton to be more fiscally and environmentally responsible; only those who register for Abaton will receive the 2011 printed version. In the past, the journal was mailed to all DMU alumni and friends. Individuals who want to receive the printed 2011 edition should register by July 1.

Abaton will always be available online for anyone to read.

Medical students from all institutions who submit to Abaton an essay or short story of up to 5,000 words will be considered for the $1,000 Richard Selzer Prize, named in honor of the distinguished surgeon, Yale University professor and prolific author. Selzer’s works have influenced many individuals to become physicians and encouraged many physicians to share their own experiences through writing.

Submissions to Abaton must be sent by July 1, 2011, via the online submission form. Additional guidelines and past editions of the journal are available online as well.

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