Alumni spotlight: L. Marie Keplinger, D.P.M.‘07

L. Marie Keplinger
L. Marie Keplinger, D.P.M.'07

Professional background

I am a foot and ankle surgeon with New England Foot and Ankle Specialists in Portland, ME, and am currently completing an orthopedic foot and ankle fellowship. This extra year of training is an in-depth approach to a range of non-operative and operative care of traumatic, degenerative, sports, rheumatoid and diabetic foot and ankle problems, especially complex deformities and the underlying biomechanical anomalies.

I was born in Overland Park, KS, and graduated from the University of Kansas in 2003 with a degree in human biology. After graduating from DMU in 2007, I went on to complete my surgical residency training at INOVA Fairfax Hospital in Falls Church, VA, in June 2010. Currently I am in a one-year fellowship with New England Foot and Ankle Specialists.

Favorite thing about my job

I really enjoy having the opportunity to continue my training beyond residency.  I work in an integrated practice of orthopedic and podiatric-trained foot and ankle surgeons and have the chance to work on difficult cases referred to our clinic from all over New England and Eastern Canada.

Why I stay involved with DMU

I think it is important to stay involved and connected to your academic institutions as well as with your classmates, especially as I get ready to complete my training and enter the professional world.

Advice to those just starting out in the profession

I am just beginning as well but my advice to current students and residents is to not turn down any opportunities. Working with specialists within our field and across the spectrum of medicine can only enhance your knowledge and ability to become a successful physician.


I enjoy hiking, running, following my favorite athletic teams, and volunteering. I also enjoy medical mission work. I went to Eritrea in October 2009 and hope to travel to El Salvador in the spring.

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