Thank you, Mrs. Lundstrom (or Lunchroom, if you’re a kindergartner)

I am sure everyone can think back over their educational career and know there were a few significant people that stand out who helped us along the way in one way or another. There are also people in your everyday life at work or in the community too that you may have turned to for advice.

It may have been your kindergartner teacher taking you by the hand to introduce you to other children because you were so shy; your coach spending extra time with you so you finally got the right move down in basketball even if you never won a game; or your advisor listening to you cry because you think you just failed your finals and you do not know what you will do with your life now. It seems like there is someone there when you need them the most to guide you by giving you insight, recommendations or just a listening ear.

Looking back who knew that those mentors were shaping you to be who you are today even though you may have not realized it at the time nor have you seen that person for years.

To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.  Fellow alumni, I urge you to consider being a mentor to DMU students; register today.

-by Mary Carr Peterson, PA-C’04, now a clinician at Story County Medical Center in Nevada, IA

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