Alumni spotlight: Cynthia L. Swoyer, M.P.H.’07

Cynthia Swoyer
Cynthia L. Swoyer, M.P.H.’07

Professional background

B.S., University of Iowa, 1977; M.P.H., Des Moines University 2007. I am a bereavement counselor at Hospice of Central Iowa in Des Moines, IA. I counsel family members, friends, staff after the death of a loved one; facilitate grief groups throughout the metro on a monthly basis; offer memorial services to metro nursing facilities; offer memorial services quarterly at Bright Kavanaugh House for HCI patients; act as a community resource, speaker, and liaison; attend weekly Interdisciplinary Group (IDG); and participate as a team member.

Favorite part of my job

Meeting new people and ultimately helping them in their growth and journey towards a new norm through their grief.

Why I stay involved with DMU

I enjoy collaborating with other professionals in the healthcare field thus ultimately helping future DMU College of Health Sciences graduates have a positive educational experience leading them to give back by volunteering in their prospective communities.

Advice to those just starting out in the profession

Be flexible, don’t judge people and most importantly, have a sense of humor!


Running, lifting weights, traveling, watching Hawkeye football.

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