CHS alum of the year: Kari Smith, D.P.T.

Smith-KariA 1998 graduate of Des Moines University was recently chosen as the College of Health Science (CHS) Alum of the Year. Kari Nies Smith, D.P.T., of Ankeny, IA, was chosen for her multi-faceted support of the College.

“In her work with students, patients, colleagues and our academic programs, Kari demonstrates why DMU is an extraordinary place — in part because she’s an extraordinary educator, care provider, colleague and DMU community member,” said Pam Harrison Chambers, PA-C, president of CHS Alumni Association Board of Directors. “Even one of the hats Kari wears in life would be job enough. She is a physical therapist and clinic manager for the DMU Physical Therapy Clinic. She treats patients and serves as a clinical instructor in the clinic for entry-level students. Now, we all love our students, but teaching and mentoring them as they first begin interacting with patients is truly the heavy lifting of medical education.”
Chambers added, “Apparently not one to rest, Kari skillfully handles these responsibilities with her busy family and service to the DMU community. She is known for her sunny disposition, even keel and cheerful demeanor amid the wackiness of her schedule.”


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