State fair countdown…

37 days ’til the Iowa State Fair begins! WOOOHOO!! I love our fair.

State Fair screenings, 2008
State Fair screenings, 2008

Mark your calendar for two very special days at the fair – Aug. 15 & 16. These are the days our wonderful clinicians and students will be performing BMI and blood pressure screenings, FREE, in the Farm Bureau tent off the Grand Concourse. We will also have fun giveaways and goodies in this tent.

August 16 is actually Des Moines University Day at the Fair.You’ll find us in a tent on the Grand Concourse giving out pens, frisbees, OMM treatments and the most awesome temporary tattoos you’ll find! The date coincides with our annual DMU alumni reunion so it’s a great time to connect with classmates and colleagues!

The 2-day fair festivities are such a blast. I love seeing our faculty, staff and students pitch in together. It’s also rather satisfying, as a marketing person, to hear any one of our volunteers rave about DMU. You’d think I’d given them all talking points or something the way they talk about their program/department/specialty! Plus, I love the fair. The people-watching, animal-petting, vendor-talking, greasy-food-eating, etc., etc. I will go at least 5 times a year with my best friend. My husband will get convinced to attend at least once. Please say hi if you see me – I’ll have a corndog in each hand and an idiotic grin on my face — I love the fair!

Read Garrison Keillor’s piece on state fairs. Iowans – what do you love most about the fair?

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