who are you in just a few

Six words. Can you describe yourself in only six words? 

Smith Magazine created the six-word memoir idea. Some are very poetic or heartfelt like “He, open book; I, an illiterate.” and others are funny like “All of a sudden, I’m “old.”” Some like “And then I started getting paranoid.” make me wonder what the backstory is 

So of course I thought it’d be fun to try writing some….

For DMU, I’ve got: caring for people through health, medicine

About our grads: Widespread, arm open wide with healing.

About Des Moines: All happy. Energy, innovation among most.

About me: Living with laughter, love, faith and dogs.

Admittedly they aren’t the best. I know you can do better…Please post your six word statement or bio and one about DMU, Des Moines or something related!

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