Raise money/awareness for homeless kids

There’s a great event in Des Moines to address the issue of homeless youth—Reggie’s Sleepout.

For one night, teams camp out together with entertainment and frivolity (a lot more fun than a homeless night outdoors) to raise money. In 2006, the event drew in $60,000 and last year it raised $138,000.

This year it’s Nov. 14-15. Events include a scavenger hunt, live band, pizza, board games, Texas Hold’em and more. 

Two student groups have put together a group to attend. You don’t have to stay all night but all participation and donation would be certainly appreciated. Donate to or join Team Des Moines University! They hope to raise $1000 and would love your help.

*if you’re curious about the name, read the very sad real-life tale of Reggie’s story.

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