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The mission of the anatomy department is to engage future health care providers, educators, scientists and community members in a dynamic evidence-based discipline that fosters a professional environment of scholarly activity and service.

The anatomy department’s faculty offers instruction in courses and systems in the major areas of the discipline: gross anatomy, histology, embryology and neuroanatomy. Anatomical knowledge provides the foundation for other basic medical sciences and is the keystone of physical diagnosis.

The very essence of anatomical learning is the dissection of the cadaver, an experience once limited to only medical students, and still a privilege reserved for a select group of health practitioner students. The ultimate gift of body donation remains essential to this unique instruction.

Anatomy word of the month

Anatomy word of the month: coccyx

Our “tailbone” was called the “cuckoo” by the Greeks who thought it resembled the beak of the bird of the same name. This structure is a fusion of three or four vertebral bones, greatly reduced in size, that is attached to the end of our spinal column.  In rare instances an individual is born with an […]

— Bill Dyche

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