Some of the most effective and far-reaching gifts are those given to create endowed or expendable scholarships. Donor-funded scholarships ease the stress of tuition debt on students, allowing them to focus on achieving academic and clinical excellence. When you make scholarships gifts to DMU, you invest in these promising students and the future of health care.

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Receiving a scholarship has allowed me to focus on my studies and engage in extra activities that I know will contribute to my future rural practice.
Libby Abbas, D.O.’15, recipient of the Rural Medical Education Pathway Scholarship

Endowed scholarships


and growing in the DMU endowment.

Many donors choose to create “unrestricted” scholarships, which give the University flexibility in awarding funds to students with the greatest financial need. Donors also may define criteria for recipients of the scholarship, including DMU college or program, grade point average or level (e.g., first year, second year, etc.).

Endowed scholarship funds are a lasting source of support for students, because only the earnings – not the principal – of the funds are paid out as scholarships. In addition, endowed scholarship funds may be named by the donor, a wonderful way to honor a loved one, a family name or an individual important to the donor for years to come.

The minimum gift required to establish an endowed scholarship fund at DMU is $50,000, which may be given as a onetime gift or with a pledge to the University. The first award is made once the endowment is fully funded. Options for named endowed scholarship funds include the following:

Scholarship fundsCollege of Osteopathic MedicineCollege of Podiatric Medicine and SurgeryCollege of Health Sciences
Presidential Scholarship
(full tuition)
Dean’s Scholarship
(half tuition)
Merit Scholarship
(quarter tuition)
Endowed Scholarship$50,000$50,000$50,000

Expendable scholarships

Donors can establish and name an expendable scholarship with a minimum gift of $25,000, which can be funded over five years with a pledge commitment. Expendable scholarship funds do not accrue interest. The scholarship is awarded as long as its fund has a balance.

Recipients of expendable scholarships are selected by DMU’s Office of Financial Aid, in collaboration with the University’s three colleges, based on need and/or academic achievement.

Donors can choose to endow an expendable scholarship by making additional gifts.

Total commitment1 installment2 installments3 installments4 installments5 installments

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