Morgan McGinn, PA-C’18

Morgan McGinn, PA-C’18, is a physician assistant with Dermatology PC in central Iowa. Prior to joining the practice in 2019, she worked in family medicine in Colorado.

Abigail Schiltz, PA-C’18

Abigail Schiltz, PA-C’18, in October joined DMU as a physician assistant in its behavioral health clinic. She joined Adam Bertroche, D.O.’17, in providing behavioral health services to patients. Previously, Schiltz was with the Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center.

Abigail Schiltz, PA-C’18

Abigail Schiltz, PA-C’18, is a psychiatry physician assistant with the Des Moines (IA) Pastoral Counseling Center. She recently completed a residency training program in family medicine at the University of Iowa. Her practice includes treatment of male and female patients …

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Kelsey Bonta Peterson, PA-C’18

Kelsey Bonta Peterson, PA-C’18, is a board-certified physician assistant with Midtown Health Center in Norfolk, NE. Her practice interests include preventative medicine, diabetes management and psychiatric care.

Greg Isaacson, PA-C’18

Greg Isaacson, PA-C’18, joined Mercy Clinics Family Medicine Indianola in Indianola, IA. In addition to earning his bachelor of science degree in kinesiology and health at Iowa State University and his master’s degree in physician assistant studies at DMU, Isaacson …

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Susan Herr, PA-C’18

Susan Herr, PA-C’18, is joining the medical staff of the Adair County, IA, Health System. She will cover urgent care at the Adair County Medical Clinic in Greenfield and the emergency room at Adair County Memorial Hospital and, at times, …

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