Expand your medical knowledge without taking the MCAT: 5 nights x 5 topics

Des Moines University’s annual Mini Medical School series has returned for 2022! This five-session, Tuesday evening series explores interesting, relevant topics in an accessible style appropriate for all audiences, aged middle school and up. Classes run weekly beginning at 7 p.m. from February 1 – March 1 and are all online this year. They can be viewed at www.dmu.edu/minimed during class time, or any time after on that site. They will also be streamed on DMU’s Facebook Live during class time.

Full Schedule:

1.      February 1: COVID-19 Vaccine and Children: Where We Started/How It’s Going
Amy Shriver, M.D., Pediatrician and Assistant Professor of Specialty Medicine at DMU

2.      February 8: Mental Health Part 1: The COVID-19 Pandemic and Psychosocial Health
Julia Van Liew, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Behavioral Medicine and Medical Humanities and Bioethics at DMU

3.      February 15: Mental Health Part 2: Lifestyle Habits to Combat Depression
Adam Bertroche, D.O., Assistant Professor of Behavioral Medicine and Medical Humanities and Bioethics and Physician at the DMU Behavioral Health Clinic

4.      February 22: Sweets and Your Feet: How Diabetes Affects the Lower Extremities
Allen Kempf, D.P.M., M.S., Assistant Professor, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Program and Physician in the DMU Foot and Ankle Clinic

5.      March 1: Everyone’s an Athlete, We All Play Differently: Let’s Keep You in the Game of Life with Physical Therapy and Sports Performance
Lauren Mach, P.T., D.P.T., ATC

There is no cost to attend this year. Registration is encouraged but not required. Click here to receive updates on the 2022 Mini Medical School schedule.

For questions please reach out to DMU’s community and public affairs manager, Hanna.deGeest@dmu.edu.

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