Ask An Expert: Could Vaccinated People Cause More Spread?

Is it possible that vaccinated people could cause more spread because they are unaware that they are a carrier?

We do believe that unvaccinated people can spread the virus, even when they’re not feeling any symptoms. However, when a fully vaccinated person has breakthrough symptoms, they shed less virus for fewer days than compared to an unvaccinated person. The vaccine helps reduce the shedding during the time that the person is actually feeling symptoms.

We don’t know how much virus is being shed when a person is not feeling any symptoms. And the reason we don’t know that is that there haven’t been any studies.

One of the things that you can do if you’re fully vaccinated to prevent spread is to wear your mask when you are in crowds or when you are near somebody who isn’t vaccinated or near somebody who has some sort of a health issue that makes them more susceptible to be infected.

As long as you are wearing your mask when you’re near people who might be at risk of catching COVID, then you are doing your community service.

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