Ask an Expert: Does the Covid-19 vaccine cause blood clots?

We asked you to share your questions with us regarding vaccines. Dr. Crosbie is up first answering the question, “Can the COVID-19 vaccine give you blood clots?”


We got a question; can the vaccine give you blood clots? I’m really glad somebody asked that because it’s important that we clear it up. The short answer is no, almost certainly not.

The Pfizer and the Moderna vaccine, that’s that two-dose series that you’ve probably heard about. That has not been associated with any blood clotting events at all. Now the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, which is that one dose vaccine, that’s been associated with blood clots in 28 people of over 9 million doses administered. 28 out of 9 million, that’s a really small number.

Now, it’s really important to note that blood clots are associated with COVID-19, not the vaccine, I’m talking about the disease. In 20% of ICU people who are admitted with COVID 19, they develop blood clots. So short answer is, you need to worry about blood clots from COVID-19, not from the vaccine.

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Jonathan Crosbie, D.O.

Dr. Crosbie is an assistant professor in the Departments of Osteopathic Medicine and Family and Internal Medicine at Des Moines University. In addition to his academic responsibilities and providing excellent patient care in the Family Medicine Clinic he is an avid activist for preventative medicine and living a healthy lifestyle. In his spare time he enjoys motorcycling, woodworking, movies and sports, and spending time with his family.

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