“Journeying in Medicine,” Part 4

The Medical Humanities Society at Des Moines University presents its second online arts gallery, “Journeying in Medicine.” It features art works and the written word by DMU students depicting their own path to and through medicine.

Gallery curators are Caitlin Descovich O’Hare, a second-year osteopathic medical student, and Charles Gaccione, a first-year osteopathic medical student. They are executive officers of the Medical Humanities Society. Caitlin and Melanie Kim, a first-year osteopathic medical student also pursuing her master’s degree in public health at DMU, are contributors for this installment of the gallery.

Photos: Caitlin Descovich O’Hare

Caitlin Descovich O’Hare – in her own words: These are a few pictures from a trip to Utah I took after completing my first year of medical school at DMU.

Caitlin, continued: Medical school was certainly challenging and not without its ups and downs – I felt very accomplished after the first year. This trip was a wonderful way to celebrate and to be with my family again!

Also, a quick watercolor that I did of the Delicate Arch after I watched the sun set at the arch:


Caitlin Descovich O’Hare – in her own words: These are some of my sculptures from over the years. I started working with clay when I was younger, and once I started college I was able to focus more on figure sculpture when I minored in art. Working with my hands has always been a way for me to relax, and I love the idea of making something from nothing. Once I started doing more figure sculpture, I had to study the body and it helped fuel my passion for medicine!



Melanie Kim – in her own words: I was inspired by a meditation prior to my first test in medical school.

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