“Another Season Comes and Goes,” Part 7

The Medical Humanities Society at Des Moines University presents its first annual online arts gallery, “Another Season Comes and Goes.” The gallery features art works and the written word by DMU students depicting seasons of human life and of the earth.

Gallery curators are Megan Kavanaugh, a second-year osteopathic medical student, and Megha Pokhriyal, a first-year osteopathic medical student. They are executive officers of the Medical Humanities Society.

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Part 7 features illustrations by Joshua Penrod, a second-year osteopathic medical student from Kaysville, UT.

Of these illustrations, Joshua explains: “My family has a lot of history with the Oregon coast where my mom was raised. We went back there almost every other year during my childhood. My grandpa paints very realistic oil paintings of the coast, that I have always admired and wished I could paint. These sketches relate to medicine in that I have ADD and often use music and drawing to take a break while my mind wanders, then regain focus afterward.”

21 Joshua Penrod-Beach.


“I drew the beach scene (during a lecture I had to later re-watch) in anticipation of Christmas break and much-needed vacation with my family,” Joshua notes.

“The lighthouse started out as a sketch of my mom’s favorite lighthouse, and quickly turned into a whole scene.”

Part 6 View the full series Part 8
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