Stop, Rock, and Rejuvenate!

The phrase “stop drop and roll” refers to a procedure taught by the fire department to individuals so that they can survive a fire and avoid burns. It is a protective maneuver which has saved lives. Perhaps an extreme parallel but I think of this phrase as I think of an approach to provide a protective psychological maneuver to help cope with life’s challenges.

Everyone has stress in their day to day lives. How we deal with this varies from person to person but I often find that quiet reflective time can help put things in perspective.

There will always be life challenges that will get you down. Life happens and there are times when it is overwhelming…whether dealing with work, family or personal matters.I find that a place of peace, literally and figuratively, is essential in finding a way to protect ourselves. It is a posture of quiet reflection that can be achieved in various ways, either through prayer, yoga, or other forms of meditation.

I am sure you have heard the phrases “do not let someone rain on your parade” or “steal your joy.” All great ways to remind us to not succumb to the external pressures that sometimes get in the way. Those are the phrases that I speak to myself along with remembering IGBOK, “it’s gonna be ok”. This is all about the positive self talk that sounds so simple but can be so impactful. When I can however, I find my way to my “real” place of peace.

My place of peace is a rocking chair on a deck in the Great Smoky Mountains. No matter what is going on in my world, all I need is a few hours of quiet reflection, prayer, and calm to clear my thoughts and rejuvenate. I take whatever I can get to get to a place of calm reflection. I may not always get to this rocking chair, but I go there in my mind sometimes. I mentally steal away for those quiet reflections and the positive self talk that helps to get to that place of peace and contentment. Life will continue to be stressful and present you with challenges. How you cope with them is what matters.
Find your place of peace…. Either figuratively or literally.

So for me, “Stop drop and roll” becomes “stop, rock, and rejuvenate”!

There is power in the symbolism of the rocking chair!

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