Friends Are Like Stars!

The word friendship is used liberally to describe many of our relationships with those we have encountered and interacted with from our early days in elementary school to high school, through college, into adulthood. We all typically have friends at various points in our lives, some we continue to engage with for a lifetime, whereas others are only there for a few seasons.

I find great joy in my interactions with a wide variety of friends and associates, especially when we find and stay on common ground. I tend to enjoy people and find it exciting to meet and interact with new people just as much as the thrill of rekindling and catching up with relationships that began years ago.

There is no greater joy, however, than to reconnect with those special few, whether in a quick phone call that goes for two hours before you know it, or a chance opportunity to meet for dinner and spend the entire time talking non-stop becoming completely oblivious to our surroundings.

I am blessed with a wide variety of relationships, some new and some old.
Sometimes it is just the satisfaction of knowing that they are there and available when you need them or they need you. My friends are like stars….Frankly, many of them are rock stars in their own right because of who they are and what they do, but they are shining stars to me as well….Think of gazing up into the heavens on a clear night. You see those shining stars. There are other times you may not see them. Yet, they are still there.

Everyone should have a sky full of stars–cherish them!

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