Study secrets: Where to go when you want to get away

A DMU student studies in the library.
When every last chair study spot is taken, head off campus to hit the books.

There are many different places to study on campus, but when there’s a big test or it’s finals, study space can be hard to come by. When every nook and cranny of campus is full and you need a quiet place to cram, head to one of these places:

  • Caribou Coffee (3220 Ingersoll Ave) – This is probably the most conveniently located coffee shop in relation to DMU. Take a walk and get your coffee fix or spend the afternoon studying away.
  • Mars Cafe (2318 University Ave) – This trendy establishment is located in the Drake neighborhood. They serve food as well and have free Wi-Fi.
  • Barnes & Noble (4550 University Ave, West Des Moines) – When you really need to get away from campus, Barnes & Noble has a nice café with the peace and quiet of a library.
  • Price Chopper Café (3425 University Ave) – Located right inside the grocery store, you can get your study on within arm’s reach of aisles of snacks.
  • Java Joe’s Coffee House (214 4th St) – This coffee shop is located downtown and just might be your niche. With free Wi-Fi and fun board games for those study breaks, it doesn’t get much better than this!
  • Smokey Row Coffee Co. (1910 Cottage Grove Ave) – This is a spacious coffee shop that meets everyone’s needs! It serves delicious coffee, food and even ice cream!
  • Des Moines Public Library – Central Library (1000 Grand Ave) – This is a beautiful library located downtown — just far enough to get away from school, but close enough to still be convenient. Be sure to check the library’s hours before you go.
  • Your residence (wherever that may be) – There’s nothing more convenient than your own home!

This post was adapted from “Recipes for Success,” a guidebook put together by D.P.M. students for all incoming students in the hopes of getting them on the right track once they get to DMU.

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