Biomedical sciences students win awards at Iowa Physiological Society Meeting

Oustanding poster winners Vahe Matnishian, M.S.B.S.'19, and Briana Gebert-Oberle, M.S.B.S.'19, with their mentor, Kim Tran.
Oustanding poster winners Vahe Matnishian, M.S.B.S.’19, and Briana Gebert-Oberle, M.S.B.S.’19, with their mentor, Kim Tran.

Des Moines University was well represented at the 20th Annual Iowa Physiological Society Meeting held on campus on Saturday, April 25. University researchers presented 10 posters, including two award winners.

Briana Gebert-Oberle, M.S.B.S.’18, won second place for “Calmodulin: A New Partner for the α1A-Adrenergic Receptor” and Vahe Matnishian, M.S.B.S.’19, took third place for “Calmodulin Regulates GPER/GPR30-Mediated Signaling.” Both students are mentored by Kim Tran, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor in the Physiology and Pharmacology department.

Misty Carder, M.S.B.S.’18, also gave a platform presentation titled “Effects of Chronic Pain on Activation of Inflammatory Brain Mechanisms and Development of Depressive-Like Behaviors.” She is mentored by Vanja Duric, Ph.D., also an associate professor of physiology and pharmacology.


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