Mini Med: 5 Simple Rules for 2015

Our second Mini Med School lecture of 2015 took on potential pandemics with a practical twist.

QuinliskDr. Patricia Quinlisk, MD, MPH, Iowa Department of Public Health  Medical Director/State Epidemiologist shared information about outbreaks of measles and ebola and promoted the importance of vaccinations for keeping the population safe from deadly infections.

She also shared a handout, drafted by the Iowa Department of Public Health, with suggestions for several small steps individuals can take everyday to improve their health:

1. Drink one glass of water before each meal. Research shows this easy action increases hydration and decreases hunger.

2. Stand up at every commercial. Recent studies show that sitting for long periods may be as damaging to your health as smoking.

3. Eat one raw fruit or vegetable at every meal. You’ll add in much-needed fiber and anti-oxidants.

4. Take the first open parking space and walk to the entrance when shopping. Instead of doing laps in your car looking for something closer, embrace the exercise.

5. Stand on one foot while brushing your teeth. You’ll improve your balance and strengthen core muscles.

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