The married life

The one thing I was most worried about before starting at DMU was how my spouse was going to transition to our new life, especially not knowing anyone. This was never even an issue. She soon made friends with other student spouses and even students in my class. She uses her “plus-one” pass all the time to go to the Wellness Center and workout classes with her new friends.

DMU also has a SOS club (Significant Others Support). Men and women are welcome to join and the club has smaller sub-groups which focus on different interests like knitting, reading, billiards or sports. There are also a variety of year-round activities for students with children.

I really could not ask for a better place for me as a student, and for my family, to go through this crazy thing we call med school!

This post was adapted from “Recipes for Success,” a guidebook put together by D.P.M. students for all incoming students in the hopes of getting them on the right track once they get to DMU.

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