DMU podiatric students become champions for their profession

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PMA President Kelsey Millonig demonstrates aspects of podiatric care.

PMA LogoLast spring students at DMU started an organization called Podiatric Medicine Advocacy (PMA) to promote the profession. As co-founders Kelsey Millonig and Megan Pitts report, this organization represents one of the first steps to achieving parity, advancing podiatric medicine and overcoming professional discrimination. Challenges arise from the public’s misunderstanding the educational level and the role of podiatric medicine in health care. If the profession is to continue to advance and provide patients the best possible care, its practitioners and other champions must be its advocates. This is the purpose of PMA. It is up to podiatric physicians and allies to determine the future of the profession.

PMA has earned national recognition by receiving a grant from the American Podiatric Medical Association. Members also are collaborating with the Iowa Podiatric Medical Society. PMA members are holding events and speaking throughout the country to a variety of audiences, from elementary students to political representatives. More than 30 presentations in nine states are currently scheduled. Within mere months, this group has grown exponentially to 110 student members with its most notable accomplishments being hosting Foot Fest for local students interested in podiatric medicine, speaking at the Heartland Podiatry Conference, and educating members on current podiatric political issues. PMA is also working to establish a better interprofessional network within the state of Iowa.

PMA Leadership Team
Meet the PMA Leadership Team: First-year Liaison Blake Hale, Secretary Lauren McCarthy, President Kelsey Millonig and Vice President Megan Pitts

Ultimately, PMA hopes to have a chapter in each of the nine podiatric medical institutions. If you are interested in learning more about PMA, hosting an advocacy event, or utilizing PMA materials, please email “Like” us on Facebook at

Mission Statement: Our goal is to inform the community of the role and value of podiatric medicine, promote parity with other health care fields and educate current students on the benefits of becoming a foot and ankle specialist.

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