Anatomy word of the month: fundus

LayAFoundation“Bottom” in Latin.  A number of organs have a part called the fundus or fundic region.  Confusingly, the fundus is typically the top of these organs such as the top of the uterus, the top of the urinary bladder, the top of the stomach.  However, it makes perfect sense since the word fundus specifically refers to the part “furthest removed from the exit”.  If you imagine each of these organs as upside down emptying out contents, then the fundus of the uterus is opposite the cervix (opening into the vagina), the fundus of the bladder is opposite the neck (opening into the urethra) and the fundus of the stomach is opposite the pylorus emptying into the duodenum, the first part of the small intestine.

Fundus should be more familiar to you now that you have “fundamental” information about its meaning (to put down a bottom, lay a foundation-Latin).

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