LGBT Health and Wellness Conference increases awareness

LGBTHealthOn April 12, Des Moines University, OneIowa Education Fund and the LGBT Health and Wellness Initiative hosted the 2014 LGBT Health and Wellness Conference. Guests included LGBT community members, providers and educators, and representatives from health care facilities, community-based organizations, institutions of higher education and faith-based organizations. Attendees spent the day networking with community members from across that state to connect, sharing best practices and developing relationships for partnership and collaboration. 

Marj Plumb, Pharm.D., MNA, Plumbline Coaching and Consulting, Inc., delivered a keynote titled “Serving the Queerest of the Queer: Advocate for a Transformed Health Care Delivery System.” As one conference attendee noted in an evaluation of the keynote, Dr. Plumb “set an excellent tone for the day. She brought related experience, provided direction, and had concrete ideas on how to move forward in multiple settings.”

The conference included an overview of culturally appropriate current best practices that can be replicated and implemented by others in the care of individual patients. Breakout sessions led by speakers from across Iowa focused on initiatives aimed at improving the overall health among LGBT Iowans with presentations and discussions on the topics of prevention, mental health, cultural competency and quality of life and wellness.

Photos from the conference can be found online in the gallery.

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