Odon Device in line for additional testing, manufacturing

The life-saving Odon Device was first tested in DMU's simulation lab
Argentinian inventor Jorge Ernesto Odon demonstrated his infant delivery device on DMU simulation center mannequin Noelle in October 2008.

The Odon Device, a life-saving invention that aids in obstructed labor, has been licensed for production by medical technology company Becton, Dickinson and Company. The device was invented by Jorge Ernesto Odon, a car mechanic from Argentina, and first tested in Des Moines University’s simulation laboratory, as profiled in DMU Magazine in 2012.

The World Health Organization connected Odon to DMU for the simulated test and will oversee additional testing on women in normal and obstructed labor in China, India and South Africa. Read more about what has happened with the Odon Device since it appeared at the University in this New York Times article.

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