Putting the ‘community’ in medicine

For many years Des Moines University has been committed to providing free medical screenings and events throughout the community. This not only provides a great learning experience for our students, but serves as a way to give back, raise awareness, and provide medical services to those who otherwise may not receive it. A perfect example of this collaboration is the annual Albia High School athletic physicals event.

Dr. Gerald Haas is an alumna of Des Moines University. He is employed by Monroe County Hospital & Clinics. Each fall, around back to school time, Dr. Haas gives back to his community by holding a free athletic physicals event for all Albia high school students. His staff, as well as staff from the school, have perfected their set up and always have a smooth running event.

In order to get all students through the process in just 3 hours, Dr. Haas requests the help of Des Moines University medical students to perform the physicals. Although Albia, Iowa is well over an hour away from DMU, we keep going back year after year to this important and well run event. Students always come away from it with only positive things to say about what a great learning experience it is and how wonderful Dr. Haas and his staff are to work with.

Dr. Haas is very appreciative of our students. He always supplies pizza and soda to all volunteers following the event. They chat, get to know each other, and students are able to see a great example of a Des Moines University alum giving back to the community in which he works. Below is the letter Dr. Haas sent to DMU following this year’s physicals event:



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