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Do you like to work with junior high/high school kids? Do you like to educate others about different health career opportunities? Do you like to participate in hands-on activities? Are you looking for an on-going volunteer activity?

Health-Careers-Exploring-Post-141Then we have the opportunity for you!

  • Health Careers Exploring Post 141is a long-standing program here at DMU helping to educate local area youth about many different types of careers in the medical field.
  • The program costs them only $20 for the entire year. We typically have around 80 paid members each year with 30-40 attending each meeting.
  • Each evening we try to explore health careers (those we offer here at DMU and others outside the university) that are of interest to the students.
  • We try to make each program hands-on to keep them interested.
When is it?
  • We meet the 2nd and 4Tuesday of each month, September through April.
  • We meet in LH1 on campus from 7 p.m.-9 p.m. (occasionally we take field trips and in those instances we meet at the location).
What would my role/commitment time be?
  • We hold planning meetings during the day (typically over lunch hours), once every two weeks or so.
  • If you’re unable to make those meetings, it’s not a big deal. We really need advisors to be AT the Tuesday evening meetings to help with the programs.
  • We only have to have 2-3 advisors at each program meeting so the more advisors the better! Then you don’t have to attend all of them if you have a conflict.
How do I get involved?
This volunteer opportunity is for everyone! You don’t have to be a current student or employee of Des Moines University to participate.
  • Email Melissa.wilder@dmu.edu and let her know you’re interested.
  • We’re going to hold a lunch informational session near the end of August to give more information about the program.
  • If you’re unable to make the lunch, Melissa will set up an individual time to meet with you and go over specifics.
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