A tasty kind of “apocalypse”

If the world were to end on a Wednesday, I know where I’d be the day before: at Tacopocalypse Taco Tuesday at Cumming Tap!

Cumming Tap is located right off one of my favorite Des Moines bike trails, the Great Western Trail. The trail loops and curves along a flat, former rail line. The scenes along the tree-lined trail include small babbling brooks, an occasional deer spotting and, the crowning glory of all, the Cumming Tap. Cumming, Iowa, is about a 12-mile trail ride from Des Moines. The ride is long enough to work up a good appetite but short enough that it can be completed on any lazy Tuesday evening. If you are in the mood for a longer ride, the trail extends another 10 miles or so to Martensdale.

Take to the bike trail, then take in some tacos.
Take to the bike trail, then take in some tacos.

Tuesday is definitely the day to ride. The trail will be full, so wear a helmet and follow good riding etiquette, because everyone will be headed in the same direction, but they might not be going the same speed. Me? I’m cruising because I know what’s up ahead!

Tacopocalypse, a local icon when it comes to tacos, sets up a booth at the Tap where the staff sling their delectable hand-pressed corn tortillas. Fill your shell with classics like braised pork or branch out with Tacopocalypse favorites including wasabi brisket, Korean chicken, bacon chorizo or my personal favorite, potato poblano. Inside, the air is fresh, the pool table is waiting for you and the beer is icy cold. Outside, bikes are flung here and there and the shade is full of sweaty Spandex-clad bikers. Bikers are welcome to choose their seat, either in the cool air conditioning or outside on the shady patio, and dig in.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there on your bike this Tuesday evening and meet me at Cumming Tap. I’ll reserve a spot for you in the shade!

To find your way to the Great Western Trail, visit the Polk County Conservation website.

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