Golfers, Glanton supporters invest in students

Whether they were garbed in golf togs or formally dressed for dinner, hundreds of people turned out in recent months to support scholarships for DMU students.


Last May, 114 DMU alumni, friends, employees and students swung into action at the College of Osteopathic Medicine Golf Benefit, generating $50,192 that will be awarded to COM students. In September, it was the College of Health Sciences’ turn, when 92 golfers had a ball and raised $13,620 for student scholarships.

In October, individuals and organizations from across the greater Des Moines community came together to celebrate the legacy of the late Luther T. Glanton Jr. and Willie Stevenson Glanton, both attorneys, DMU trustees and the inspiration for a scholarship fund that benefits minority students. The event, held at the Meadows Events and Conference Center in Altoona, was attended by 430 individuals and generated $231,440 for the endowed fund.

Since it was established in 2004, donors have given nearly $1.9 million to the Glanton Scholarship Fund, of which $785,000 has been awarded in scholarships.


“I am confident that each student who is blessed to be here tonight can be a testimony to the fact that the contributions they received, great or small, have not only enhanced their medical education, but has touched our hearts and enhanced our spirit of giving,” said Glanton Scholarship recipient Ebonie Vincent, D.P.M.’15, who spoke at the dinner. “Know that each life we touch is in part because of you, through your giving and support in any and every way.”

Honored at the Glanton event was Connie Wimer, founder and chair of Business Publications Corp. and a central Iowa business and civic leader. “If Ebonie is an example of people who’ve received scholarships and choose to help the world be a better place, I hope all of you feel as good as I do tonight about contributing dollars to this cause,” Wimer said.

Event photos

October 16, 2012 (123 photos)
Glanton Dinner 2012
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