Army hospital salutes DMU’s sim center

Army in Sim Lab

Several years ago, DMU’s Iowa Simulation Center for Patient Safety and Clinical Skills made a commitment to enhance the training of U.S. military medics, nurses and providers of the 4224th U.S. Army Hospital (USAH). Over the past three years, 60 combat medics have acquired in the sim center more than 2,500 of their 4,500 hours of required continuing education (75 hours per medic every two years). In return, the 4224th USAH sent soldiers to work at the sim center when members of its staff were themselves deployed. To honor the sim center’s service, the 4224th USAH presented a citation to DMU in June. Access to the sim center, the citation stated in part, “greatly enhanced the ability to provide combat medics with quality training experiences and led to successful deployments providing medical care to soldiers and civilians on the battlefield and in medical treatment facilities worldwide.”

In presenting the citation, Col. Janece Mollhoff, the hospital’s acting deputy commander, stated, “The soldiers of the 4224th have used this training to accomplish every mission with professionalism and tireless devotion to duty…I thank you for your commitment to the training of our soldiers in this excellent facility.”

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