The white coat

The White Coat Ceremony was initiated at DMU more than 10 years ago to encourage professionalism, scientific excellence and compassionate health care. More than any other symbol, the white coat signifies the excellence and caring demanded of those entering the health care professions. By accepting the white coat at this public ceremony, students acknowledge that they assume the additional responsibilities inherent in a medical education. Students don the white jacket as a class, and then are recognized individually by the president, dean and faculty as they walk across the stage.

At our ceremony, the incoming classes also sign the University’s Professional Integrity Code initiated by students in 1998. At Des Moines University, the development of an individual who will serve as an exemplary member of a health care profession requires compliance with the provisions of the values of the Professional Integrity Code in all aspects of the life of the student. The signed pledge is visible on campus as a daily reminder to students to strive for excellence and honorable behavior.

This year’s White Coat Ceremony will be held this weekend on Saturday, August 25 at 10 a.m. downtown at the Civic Center of Greater Des Moines. Congratulations students!


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