Mentored Student Research Program

Mentored Student Research program
Friday, July 20th, marked the unofficial end of another successful Mentored Student Research Program here at DMU. The program provided the time for the students who participated to showcase all the work they had completed during their eight weeks working in the lab with a DMU faculty member. Students could either choose a poster or oral presentation to highlight their research.

From my perspective, as the students’ supervisor of the program, it was nice to see a great deal of work and success come out of such a short turnaround time. For some, it was their first time on campus, as undergraduates from across the country were accepted into the program. To see their projects come together from scratch in just eight short weeks was rewarding. Many students will continue to work in the lab throughout the school year, but the bulk of all the research was completed from June 4-July 20.

Click here to view a portion of the program.

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