Need a thrill?

I don’t know if it’s because the July 4th holiday is behind us or because my son will depart for college in just six weeks, but I’m feeling the vague anxiety of summer slipping away. Granted, there are plenty of summer things to enjoy and look forward to – the local weekly farmers’ markets, my family’s annual reunion, the Iowa State Fair and the upcoming harvest of my spouse’s peppers and tomatoes, to name a few. But it’s definitely time to ponder one’s full summer bucket list so that, say, when the snow is flying, one has no regrets about missed summer fun.

Here’s an option if you seek car-crushing fun this summer.

My bucket list considerations were further sparked last week when I learned about an odd and innovative amusement option in Kasota, Minnesota, called Drive A Tank. Yep, for a mere $549, you can enjoy the 4 Star General’s Package, which includes a tour, training, firing historic machine guns and driving a British-made tank in a simulated combat driving situation through a wooded range. Add another $549 if you want to drive your tank over a vehicle. Mini-vans are the “customers’ favorites,” says Drive A Tank owner Tony Borglum.

You might wonder who, especially in today’s economy, would pay those amounts for a few hours of car-crushing thrills. Or you might react along the lines described on the company’s website: “EVERYONE who calls probably wants to drive a tank,” it states. “After all, who wouldn’t?”

Well, why not? It IS summer, after all, which should give us all a sense of liberation, fun and adventure. While I don’t see myself getting behind the wheel – or whatever the steering mechanism is – of a tank or machine gun, I am always interested in creative ways to enjoy life. What are you doing this summer that’s fun, fascinating, different and/or delightful?

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