Day 2 in Honduras

Everyone crashed pretty hard last night after a long trip, but we were bright eyed this morning ready to get our first real day underway. After a wonderful breakfast and some amazing coffee we started counting, sorting and packing medications that we brought down. To put the amount of these supplies into perspective we brought down 38 extra-large duffel bags full. Below are some pictures of our team hard at work!


After lunch we had an amazing opportunity to visit a local Honduran orphanage called Sociedad Amigos des las Niños. This was started by Sister Maria and she has created the single largest orphanage system in Central America. Not only did we get a chance to interact with some of the children, we got an amazing tour by our Brigade leader Moises and second year D.O. student Hiral Patel. For those of you who aren’t aware, Hiral is closely tied to Global Brigades and her knowledge and work here in Honduras is amazing. We got to see the school systems, plantain factory and a beautiful clinic that unfortunately has been unable to be occupied for several years. After a quick game of pick-up soccer and a few bags of plantain chips we headed back to the compound for dinner.

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