CHS launches revamped MHA curriculum

Des Moines University MHA program

For nearly three decades, Des Moines University has given students real-world preparation to advance or change their careers as leaders in health care administration. To ensure DMU’s master of health care administration program continues to offer students highly relevant, evidence-based experiences they can immediately apply in their work, the College of Health Sciences recently revised its curriculum to include both online courses and new on-campus executive residencies, a blend the U.S. Department of Education states produces the highest student outcomes.

The residencies, which will be offered the first Wednesday through Sunday of the fall and spring terms, will immerse students in real-world scenarios that integrate theory into practice. They will include required curriculum as well as professional development seminars, highly interactive workshops, round-table discussions, self-assessment activities and networking opportunities.

“Health care is unique in that its mission is providing high-quality care to all people,” says MHA Program Director/Chair Carla Stebbins, Ph.D. “I am excited that DMU’s innovative MHA curriculum will prepare our students to be 21st century leaders in this demanding, rewarding profession.”

DMU’s MHA program will continue to feature the flexibility that allows most students to work full-time. All students have up to seven years to complete the program, allowing them to balance professional and personal demands. Students can complete the program part-time in three years or, as full-time students, in 24 months. Either way, an MHA degree from DMU equips them to lead and succeed as team players in providing effective, accessible and affordable health care.

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