Brigade day #4

Morning sunrise at the compound

Today we moved to the next community of Naranjal. The bus ride in the morning was a little bit shorter and we arrived at the new community bright and early to get started. The set up worked the same way as the first community with a triage station, consultation, pharmacology, Charla and cytology. Similar to the first community we were located in a school with classrooms and a soccer field. Lucky for the students they get a couple days off when we are using the site.

At the children’s Charla the kids learn to brush their teeth properly and receive a fluoride treatment.

It is interesting how each community is different and we tended to see a lot more and larger families at this site. A lot of children came in to receive anti-parasitic treatments which can be a huge problem in this country. Thankfully due to Global Brigades, and many other organizations, the water sanitation and public health projects are reducing these problems by up to 90%.

Our group also got to experience a dental station with the Honduran dentists. This was such a cool opportunity because it is something that we may never experience in practice. They really took the time to explain what they were doing, what tools they used and how they did their procedures. The amazing thing is most of the fillings and extractions are done without any anesthesia!

Breanna cleaning the dentistry tools.

Tomorrow is our final day of Medical Brigading and we will return to Naranjal once more. After that we will head back to Des Moines with memories to last a life time.

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