I’m proud of DMU and so is my computer

As a DMU employee I’m proud of where I work and am not ashamed to show it. I already have DMU t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, stickers, pens and even some temporary tattoos. The one thing I didn’t have was a decent DMU wallpaper for my computer. So we decided to make some! We now have 8 (and counting) wallpapers for you to show off your DMU pride.

We plan on releasing a new DMU wallpaper each month so we want your requests. We want to hear any ideas you might have for a wallpaper, it can be professional, funny, artistic or maybe even a little quirky. The only guideline is that your idea has to relate to DMU somehow. Either comment below with your idea or send your idea to me at seth.stevenson@dmu.edu.

View all the DMU wallpapers at www.dmu.edu/wallpapers/ and check back each month for a new one.

This February’s wallpaper is a bit of a Valentines theme with anatomy twist and was created by Nicole Branstad.

I Heart DMU

Some of the wallpapers are generic DMU and others holiday themed, so check them out.

DMU wallpaper preview

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